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Je suis Sophie!

I am French-born and literary educated. My skillset and experience mean I work well with students of varying ages and abilities, whether it's children just starting to learn a foreign language, teenagers preparing for exams, or adults who have a desire to either start learning or brush up on previous study.


I enjoy gardening, cooking, history, travelling, French culture, and current affairs, and I have a strong passion for French fashion.

I have taught at some of the most renowned language schools in London, and have also worked privately with clients, bringing both professional experience and a bespoke learning application to each student.

The first lesson is essential for me to analyse the student's ability level, as well as their needs - and I then apply a tailored approach. There is also the possibility of longer 'in-house' stays, complemented by cooking or cultural courses for a more immersive experience.


Alternatively, I offer crash courses, which are ideal for those looking to maximise learning potential over a shorter period, such as students looking for intensive study prior to school/university exams. My residential crash courses take place at one of the Isle of Man’s most beautiful Georgian houses overlooking Ramsey Bay.



Whether you’d benefit from one-to-one tuition or a more intensive crash course, there’s something to suit every learning style with our structured packages.

Our face-to-face tuition and crash course lessons are only available in the Isle of Man. However, our Skype/Zoom sessions are offered to anyone, wherever in the world they may be.

Perfect for students of all levels

Recommended for those with a basic knowledge

of French

The Classroom

Learn on-site at one of the Isle of Man’s most beautiful Georgian houses overlooking Ramsey bay. 

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