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I enjoyed one to one tutoring with Sophie for six month to prepare me for an upcoming extended stay in France.


Our sessions together centred mainly on speaking and pronunciation practice and Sophie prepared very interesting and current material each week for us to discuss and for me to practice my pronunciation.  Sophie is extremely professional; she has a wide and detailed knowledge of the French language and is very good at explaining points of understanding.  She puts a lot of thought into the content we covered each week made each lesson varied and enjoyable. I found our sessions together greatly improved my understanding of spoken French which I have struggled with in the past. 

The sessions were also very interesting and relevant and I learned a lot about France and French culture through our discussions. 

I would highly recommend Sophie to anyone looking to learn or improve their command of the French language.

Lynne (GB)

*  *  *

Sophie started teaching my daughter at the start of spring term 2019 when she was in year 10 and continued to do so up to the cancellation of exams due to the corona virus pandemic. In the time she was taught by Sophie her vocabulary, grammar and written skills improved immensely. Her report grade in that time went from C to A. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sophie as a tutor. She was extremely personable and friendly.


Martha subsequently achieved an A* for her GCSE, a result she is very proud of and testament to the benefits of the tuition she received from Sophie

Fran (GB)

*  *  *

I have been taking lessons from Sophie for several months and my French has noticeably improved.

Lessons are a mixture of conversation about recent news, family etc, and specific texts aimed at correct pronunciation. I find Sophie’s professional approach constructive and supportive whilst making sure I reach the correct standard.

Given the nature of my job I find myself travelling frequently and we have held several lessons over Skype or similar which has worked very well. This has also with the current social distancing allowed me to continue taking lessons.

I have no hesitation in recommending Sophie as a French teacher.

Stuart (Switzerland)



*  *  *


I would like to offer my recommendation of Madame Heidemann as an excellent French instructor. I am an individual who was born to a French mother and had 5 years of French in school. Under Mme. Heidemann’s excellent tutelage there are aspects of the language that I have become more aware of, such as the preciseness of its vocabulary. This allowed me to clarify why some English words, with slightly different connotations, are translated by several different French words (for example, the English verb to leave).

Madame Heidemann’s instruction is very thorough, covering vocabulary, pronunciation, liaison between words and verb usage. Nothing is missed. The reading material she utilizes will push your range of vocabulary to a higher level. You will not only read, but engage in conversation.

Mme. Heidemann is a very pleasant and patient individual which will make ones learning experience stress free. If your goal is to speak fluently, she is your choice.

Ronald (Lt. Col.) (USA)



*  *  *

I have had lessons with Sophie for 18 months and she has helped me progress from a complete beginner to an intermediate level of French.

The lessons have been very flexible (with timing, frequency and content), often being specifically tailored to areas of my interest or to current world topics.

A real bonus has been the exposure to French culture and history in particular, which Sophie has a very good knowledge of. She is always happy to spend the time explaining or to answer my questions further into subjects we are talking about.

Sam (GB)



*  *  *



As an adult with reasonable French comprehension, I approached Sophie to help me with spoken French as I seemed completely unable to make myself understood with my French friends.
Sophie quickly assessed my level of French vocabulary and comprehension and set up lessons tailored specifically for me.

We spoke only French for the hour that I was with her unless I got completely lost and it really helped to build my confidence in spoken French. She also stopped some of my bad habits.
It was really challenging but also fun as Sophie is easy to talk to about a whole range of subjects.

I would happily recommend Sophie as a teacher of French.

Merci Sophie!”

Penny (GB)

*  *  *


I am really enjoying my French lessons with Sophie. She tailor makes the lessons to my requirements. My ability to speak and understand French has improved since I have been taking lessons with Sophie.

Theresa (GB)



*  *  *



Sophie Heidemann taught tuitions to our older son for his exams and our younger son too. Always punctual, professional and friendly. She really helped our children gain knowledge and understanding in use of French language (reading, listening and writing). My older son gained a top mark in French with her guidance and help.

Sophie would be an asset as a teacher and I would recommend her.

Sheeba (India)



*  *  *


I contacted Sophie when I realised my daughter was struggling and not reaching her predicted grades.

Sophie listened to our concerns and tailored each lesson to my daughter’s needs.  She was always reliable and punctual, and she communicated very effectively with us between lessons by email/phone - and all the time she was so friendly and approachable.  Her performance as a tutor was above what we anticipated in her ability and approach to each lesson.

It was so pleasing to see the lively sustained pleasure my daughter took from every lesson.  Her confidence soared, as her knowledge increased - which resulted in amazing exam results.

Sophie was kind, warm, friendly and thoughtful to an unusually high standard and I can, without hesitation, recommend her for her professional skills, as well as in her personal attributes she bought to her position as tutor.

Meryl (GB)



*  *  *



Sophie has been tutoring our daughter by skype to provide additional assistance with her French courses for the past six months and prior to that she taught her in a group lesson with my husband and I. Sophie is a professional, organised teacher with an evident, genuine passion for her subject who is always punctual and well prepared for tutoring sessions.

Sophie takes the time and care to develop an individual relationship with each student. She pays attention to every detail and has an excellent knowledge and deep understanding of her subject, enabling her to teach to the highest standard. Sophie has the inherent talent to assess her student’s ability and adapt her lessons accordingly whilst challenging them to excel.

Coupled with this she is caring and supportive towards her students, which has encouraged my daughter and motivated her to continually progress.  It is a pleasure to see my daughter grow in confidence and she always looks forward to her weekly sessions with Sophie.

I highly recommend Sophie for any level of French tutoring.

René (South Africa)



*  *  *

Sophie was my French tutor in the lead up to my GCSE’s in 2018. I was struggling with my French studies and needed extra support, which I found in Sophie.

Her sessions were personally tailored to my needs and she was very approachable and patient which helped me to learn. Having Sophie as my tutor encouraged me to stay focused and positive in the run up to my exams and I gained a lot of confidence in my French classes.

After a lot of hard work from both of us, I achieved the grade I wanted, exceeding my predicted grade which was just amazing.

I could not recommend Sophie enough.

Ellie and Isabel (GB)

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